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About Us

Hey Nova is a women-led digital services agency focused on helping non-profit and private organizations, business owners, and governments attain user-friendly websites, products, and applications that meet inclusivity and accessibility standards.

Why Us

Our standard for success is determined by real individuals, not numbers or stereotypes. Our approach considers users' lived experiences to provide the most comprehensive and effective digital experience for every product we produce.

Our Team

Hey Nova was Co-Founded by Kirsten and Bryony to influence the changes they want to see in the tech industry and digital world. Hey Nova's goal is to use our expertise in behavioural design to create tools that improve people's lives. Meet the incredible Hey Nova team below.

  • Andrea MacDonald

    Head of Accounts and Client Success

    Andrea’s career journey began in graphic design and has morphed into various positions - and she is most comfortable keeping projects in line and keeping things organized for our clients and us!  She lives in Cape Breton, NS her husband and dog, and you can usually find her at the beach, cooking, crafting, or taking photos.

    Nova Scotia, Canada

  • Avery Dodd

    Lead Developer

    Avery learned his first line of code at 12 years old to run a Minecraft server, and he’s been chasing that dragon ever since. His current address remains Victoria, BC; after finishing a degree in Computer Science from UVIC. He, however, can sometimes be found in Nova Scotia or Mississippi, depending on which family members he feels inclined to grace with his presence. Staunch supporter of the New Orleans Saints and AFC Richmond.

    British Columbia, Canada

  • Bryony Giesbrecht

    Head of Creative Strategy

    Bryony is driven by creativity and believes tech has the power to make people’s lives better, but only if it’s designed for everyone. She Co-Founded Hey Nova with the goal of providing everyone with the tools and knowledge they need to ensure tech accessibility. She lives in Calgary, Alberta, with her husband and family, and in her spare time, she loves writing fiction, going outdoors, and travelling.

    Alberta, Canada

  • Carling Course

    Head of Marketing

    Carling has been in the marketing and communications world for 15 years, and has a passion for telling the stories that mean most to our clients through compelling and creative content. She lives in Cole Harbour, NS with her 2 kids, husband and 2 dogs and will spend any chance she gets at the beach or having a glass of wine on her porch.

    Nova Scotia, Canada

  • Cyndi Dodd

    Design Specialist

    Cyndi finds the creative process fascinating and is passionate about making things beautiful.  With a background in biology, her desire to pursue a creative digital career led her to where she is today.  She lives in Mississippi with her 3 kids, husband and dog, and as a proper Mississippian, her favourite pastimes include crawfish boils, snowballs, and family get-togethers.

    Mississippi, USA

  • Dina Buric

    Software Developer

    Dina loves bringing clients’ visions to life, and enjoys the challenge of a new project that brings problems to work on and puzzles to solve! She lives in Victoria, BC and enjoys exploring the outdoors in all seasons through sailing, hiking, skiing and biking. She also co-created a math and art class at WWU to help make both subjects more tangible and accessible.

    British Columbia, Canada

  • Fatma Souayah

    Process and Relationship Building Specialist

    Fatma is fascinated by many things;  psychology, neuroscience, chemical engineering, sales, marketing, design, consciousness studies - you name it, she’s probably had her hands in it! She speaks four languages and currently lives in Tunisia with her cat, who often tries to help her type and is a frequent zoom visitor.

    Monastir, Tunisia

  • Hal Nguyen

    Junior Developer

    Hal is a Computer Science student who enjoys algorithms and (ethical) hacking. While not coding, Hal is a big nature person and an avid rock climber. He lives in Victoria, BC, which is perfect for the occasional hiking/climbing session.

    British Columbia, Canada

  • Kathryn Lancashire

    Code Specialist

    Kathryn started her career as a graphic designer and transitioned to development 15 years ago, and uses her design background to enhance her development work whenever she can! She lives in Victoria, BC with her husband and 2 cats, and loves birding, being outside, and is an avid bike rider and an enthusiastic advocate for accessible transportation infrastructure.

    British Columbia, Canada

  • Kirsten Dodd


    Kirsten, the co-founder of Hey Nova in 2018, is passionate about making an impact in the inclusive tech space. She blends her creative technical skills and empathetic spirit to run a purpose-driven business. Kirsten fosters an inclusive and flexible work environment where her staff feels motivated and valued. Her goal is to make the tech space more inclusive and accessible for all. Outside of work, Kirsten can be found hanging out with her dog, reno'ing her house and relearning piano.

    Nova Scotia, Canada

Our Core Values

  • Purpose Driven

    This isn’t just a job to us - we choose to work with organizations whose mission aligns with our core values and work we feel passionately about. Working primarily with purpose-driven non-profits, we understand that a successful digital solution can have a far-reaching impact.

  • Inclusive & Accessible

    Technology is for everyone. Our services make sure that’s the reality! Accessibility is a necessary practice to stay current and competitive in today’s world, and inclusive technology makes the user experience better for everyone.

  • Remote Forever

    Work life balance is important to us! We don’t have a dedicated office for a reason - allowing employees the flexibility to work where they want increases productivity and has a positive impact on mental health and the environment.

  • Women Led

    We are co-founded by women, led by a woman, and majority employed with women. Hey Nova will always reflect the change we want to see in the tech industry!

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