Designing Experiences

Evolving the way companies communicate to their audience by creating cohesive brands, user-centred design, and inclusive code.

What we do

Hey Nova, takes a unique approach to our work, blending form and functionality to build first-rate innovations with cohesion throughout the brand, design, and code.

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User Experience

Using research into the psychology of human interaction, we integrate practices such as behavioural design and gamification to create innovative applications with exceptional user experience. With user journeys and user personas, we are able to map out designs that will keep your target users engaged and always coming back for more.


Whether you are a solo entrepreneur developing a personal brand, a senior organization wanting a refresh, or an up and coming business starting from scratch, we will help you find your voice and share the story that speaks to your target audience.


As experts in accessibility, we strive to be the catalyst that drives more websites towards being accessible by people with blindness, colour blindness, limitations in mobility, and more, by helping organizations old and new get their websites up to accessibility standards. Learn more about whether your website is accessible and how this might be affecting your bottom line.

Why we do it

We created HEY NOVA to build an environment of inclusivity and diversity within tech, as well as bringing awareness to the importance of having accessible websites and applications.

This is not just a job for us at Hey Nova, it is a passion. When we are not working, we are committed to mentoring other people trying to get into tech through workshops and other avenues, and keeping those spaces inclusive for everyone wanting to learn.

The women behind the brand,
the co-founders of Hey Nova

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Kirsten Dodd

Kirsten is an experienced strategist, designer, developer, and leader, with extensive experience in the industry-leading technical teams, and specializing in web accessibility in both design and development. Business woman by day, by night she is an advocate for inclusivity in tech, by mentoring people trying to break into the industry.

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Bryony Anderson

Bryony’s entrepreneurial spirit drives her to be continually learning and using her constant thirst for knowledge to bring her business strategy, creativity, and innovation to the next level. As a web designer, developer, and a writer, she has a vast range of skills that she applies to everything she does.