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Designing Experiences for Everyone

Connecting real people to real brands through engaging and inclusive design practice

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A digital design agency forging a bold path forward

Successful products are determined by people, not numbers or stereotypes. Our approach considers the lived experiences of users to provide the most comprehensive and effective digital experience for your brand.

Our methods connect your brand to real users by:

Discovering your identity

Whatever your vision or idea, we will get you there by first building a strong brand foundation.

Propelling your vision

Where innovative ideas meet otherworldly designs. Driven by your unique users and led by the latest research, we will drive your product forward.

Connecting you to your users

We strive to understand your users. Our inclusive and innovative approaches ensure your product is accessible to everyone.

Curious about our process?

We can break down our methodology into four key components: strategy, design, implementation, and consultation.


User Research
Brand Strategy
Content Strategy
Market Research
Accessibility Research
User Testing


User Interface/Visual Design
User Experience
Inclusive Design
Behavioral Science


Web Development
Mobile-first Development
Accessible Development
SEO Optimization
Data & Analytics
Custom CMS Themes


Workshops & Mentoring
Accessibility Training
Accessibility Audits
Project Consulting
UX Consulting
Translating Geek Speak

We believe in the power of knowledge

So let's look at how accessibility affects the digital space

98.1% of 1,000,000 websites tested in February 2020 failed accessibility testing - and that’s just from automated tests!

22% of Canadians have at least one disability that affects their sight, hearing, or dexterity. 54% of adults living with a disability currently go online.

88% of online shoppers won’t return to a website after having a bad user experience. When you make your website accessible you give everyone the best user experience.

Does your website work for everyone?

These are ways we are able to help you find out.

Through an empathetic human lens we aim to ensure your success in reaching full accessibility and providing ALL your users with the best experience possible.

Accessibility Services


Our accessibility testing identifies key elements in your website’s code and design that could be causing your users problems.


We help you reach your marginalized users through a step-by-step guide of what your digital solution needs. We Work collaboratively with your team, teaching and expanding your accessibility knowledge base.


We want to help everyone take a step towards a future with more inclusive technologies, so we provide immersive educational workshops that empower you and your team to maximize accessibility.

Design & Implementation

Whether you already have a website or are starting from scratch, we work with you to build creative, quality and inclusive applications that give ALL your users a superior digital experience.

What our clients have to say

Stepping boldly into the future of tech

We believe in a future of tech that is inclusive for all. This future sadly won’t be realized without an evolution in how we work. As being in the only 5% of tech companies founded by women, we are passionate about seeing the industry become more inclusive, diverse, and equitable.

Our years and combined experiences means the team brings a novel perspective to the table. We take these perspectives and work to actively shift industry norms every day through the products we build, by advocating for inclusion, and by mentoring others as they navigate barriers in tech.

Ask more about how you can be a part of this exciting change, whether you're propelling your business forward or learning more about how to make the digital world more inclusive.


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